Publication Ethics and Malpractice Statement

Ethical Statement

Scriptura aims to ensure that ethical standard is maintained by editors, reviewers and authors. Editors and reviewers put the highest standard of fairness and confidentiality during the reviewing and publication decision making. Authors for Scriptura are required to ensure that their writings are their original work and not in the process of submission to other journals.


Originality and Publication Decision

Scriptura commits the highest standard for the originality of its articles. Plagiarism is a threat to the ethical side of research reporting. Authors are required to screen the article in plagiarism detection devices prior to submission and to declare originality of their article.

Plagiarism occurs when on author submit other author work without credit, permission or acknowledgement. As an author of the journal, acknowledgement of other author who contributed to the article through past research, writings and other content material is principle.

Articles found to be a product of duplication, plagiarism and double submission will be denied entry.

Fair Play

The reviewers conduct review in regards of intellectual and knowledge advancement, without consideration of race, sexual orientation, gender, religion, ethnic origin, and political aspiration.


The editors and editorial board will not disclose any or full information from submitted manuscript to other unintended party.